Morning Sickness Remedies

October 26, 2011

Morning sickness can take sure dampen the excitement of pregnancy.  So when one mom emailed us asking for some tips on how to help ease her morning sickness, I was happy to offer some personal advice (found below) and then I quickly turned to our team of experts (you) to gather more feedback. We asked our Mom 4 Life facebook fans for feedback and you were quick to weigh in with suggestions and ideas.  I invite you to click over and see what was suggested and add your own thoughts or feedback either on our facebook page or here in the comments.

What did and didn’t work for me and what I didn’t try:

-I tried sucking on lemon drops and can’t say it helped too much but it was a temporary distraction which in itself has some value.

-I have heard several people suggest ginger.  I don’t like soda so I never tried this (then later realized there are more options out there other than ginger ale such as ginger candy or ginger snaps).

-Some people have found the preggie pops to work but I never ended up trying them.

-I used the Psi Bands and I think they did help.  They didn’t make my nausea go away entirely, but it lessened it.  We have several good reviews posted on our site for them as well so I am confident that they have worked for other moms as well.

-I also found it best to not allow myself to get hungry.  I tried to eat in small amounts throughout the day and tried to have a bit of protein with most of my meals (i.e. raw almonds, yoghurt, hard boiled eggs, etc).

It seems like forever when you are in it, thank God we don’t live with it all the time.  Good thing those little ones are worth it :) .  Below is a recent photo of my two youngest.  Don’t you love the little mohawk hairstyle Tanner has currently?

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