Shopping for Strollers + Cribs + Car Seats=Fun with Lela

November 16, 2011

As you know, at Mom 4 Life we are all about helping moms find the best product out there to meet their needs.  So when I was introduced to Fanny and Carla and the brand new company they have started, I knew you should meet them too.  You see, their website is pretty stinking cool.  I will let them tell you all about it and then I would encourage you to hop over and take it for a test drive!

Hello, we’re Fanny and Carla, co-founders of a new technology company called Lela. We started Lela because we felt that shopping for baby products can often be confusing and overwhelming. And it’s easy to make the wrong decision. Fanny went through several different stroller models, before she found the one that worked for her. She researched hundreds of strollers, and read all the reviews – but there just wasn’t an easy way to find the right stroller for her. And trial-and-error was an expensive way to find it!

With a new baby, you don’t even have time to sleep – let alone spend hours browsing through a gazillion options, wondering which stroller (or crib, or car seat, etc) is the right one, before you plunk down hundreds of dollars.

So, for the sake of all the moms out there who might feel the same way, we decided to do something about it.

Our solution is to make a shopping assistant that can cut through the clutter and truly understand what matters to you. If you’re shopping for a stroller, for example, it matters whether you live in a city, or have twins, or if you’re a frequent traveler. Lela can understand your lifestyle and find products that will match the way you live.

Then we decided to go one step further, to create a truly personalized recommendation engine for moms. We created the Lela Compatibility Test to determine a shopper’s preferences on a very individual level. The test is designed to understand what factors make you content and happy. Your answers to this test are fed into the Lela Compatibility Engine which then finds the products that will please you.

Try it for yourself! Take the Lela Compatibility Test on our site, or on Facebook.

We’re starting small, with strollers, cribs, and car seats. But we’ll be adding more baby products each week: baby monitors, infant carriers, and high chairs are coming very soon. And then we’ll add other stuff that parents need, like kid-friendly digital cameras and electronics. If there’s anything specific you’d like to see on Lela, let us know.

Email us, Tweet us, ping us on Facebook. We’d love to hear from you!

- Fanny and Carla,

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