5 juicing tips

February 08, 2012

You may remember that I decided to go 10 days juicing my breakfast and lunch at the beginning of the year.  I wanted to follow up to let you know how that went.

I can think of at least 38 other types of eating plans that would be be more difficult for me ;) .  I LOVE fresh juice so I didn’t mind drinking it so often at all.  I did however, have big temptations at night.  My initial plan was to eat dinner with my family but avoid desserts.  I did okay for the first few days but somewhere early on I had dinner with some friends at Red Robin.  The dessert menu was calling my name and a friend at the table offered to share a mile high mud pie with me and I caved.  The stinky part was that even though it tasted great in the beginning, by the end I was totally done, it was TOO sweet.  Sadly, I can’t even report that it ended there.  That mud pie was some sort of gateway drug for me and each evening after that I decided that dessert would be okay.  *sigh*  I kept having mental debates with myself about why I was doing this, if it was important to not have desserts or if I should just be more flexible, it was really quite entertaining (to myself).

In retrospect I think I did myself a big diservice by allowing that first dessert past my lips.  But oh well, I am giving myself grace and am still glad that I did the rest of my challenge.

One blog reader emailed me asking how I juice frozen strawberries (as I had mentioned that was one of the foods we often included in our juice).  I realized that was not very well explained on my end, sorry!  Below are a few tips that might help if you are new to juicing:

Juicing tips:

1. If you are making smoothies in a blender or VitaMix type machine you can of course just pop in the frozen items as-is.  However, for juicing, frozen foods must first be thawed.  I often try to set them out the night before on the counter, but if I forget I will put them in the microwave briefly (I do try to avoid that step when possible however as I have a tendency to not trust that appliance).

2. If you are juicing both soft and hard things, to do some soft (such as oranges, spinach or thawed strawberries) followed by some hard (such as apples or carrots). This helps push the softer foods down and through the juicer more easily.

3. I have been thrilled to discover that spinach has such a mild flavor that I can easily add at least two handfuls to my juice (followed by something hard to help push it through) without any major flavor change. The color of course will be SUPER green. I use the organic plastic rectangular box of spinach from Costco.

4. If you think your kids might turn their noses up at the color of your juice, you might try hiding it for the first few times in a sippy cup like these stainless steel ones from Kid Basix where they cannot see the color. I did that a few times and then we ended up talking about Popeye and how it was our “power juice” and made us strong and they were won over and now they don’t care at all that it is green.

5. The first few times that I introduced the green juice to my kids I made sure to add some extra amounts of strawberries so it was really nice and sweet. After those first few times I backed off on the amount and they didn’t notice.

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