Going paperless in the kitchen

February 21, 2012

A few weeks ago, I shared that I was enjoying my new ebook:  One Bite at a Time: 52 Projects for Making Life Simpler. As the title suggests, I am working my way through it one project at a time.  One of the more recent projects I have tackled is “Make Your Kitchen Paperless.”

Why bother going paperless?

As Tsh writes, “A kitchen on autopilot uses a lot of paper.  Paper towels and napkins can slip through your fingers, and you’ll unintentionally increase waste instead of curbing this relatively easy problem.”

We have been using cloth napkins for the last few years.  We keep them in a basket in our kitchen and pull them out as needed.  They don’t all match and some have stains.  However, I love the simple elegance they bring to the table and the waste that they prevent from going in the trash.  That said, despite our paper napkin usage, we have continued to use our paper towels quite a bit more frequently than I would ideally like.

How we made the switch to cloth with less pain:

For this particular project, it was my husband that had grown more “dependent” on our paper towels.  In sharing my desire with him to find ways to cut down on our use of paper towels, I was thankful to find that he was willing to join with me in this effort.  Although he was hesitant to eliminate them all together, he was supportive of moving our paper towels from the countertop to the bottom of our pantry–still accessible if really desired, but out of the way where they won’t be reached for simply out of habit.

I then added a basket under our sink filled with small rags (which included old wash cloths and stained T-shirts) that can be used for any number of clean ups which previously would have called upon paper towels.  (In case you are curious, the large silver bowel under the basket of rags is kitchen scraps for our egg laying hens :) .)  While I was at it, I placed a basket of rags under our bathroom sinks as well, along with a squirt bottle of homemade window cleaner.  This provides the perfect opportunity to quickly clean our mirrors as the need arrises without extra fuss or hassle.

This small, yet simple change has resulted in a noticeable difference in our overall paper towel consumption, yeah for simple solutions that save money and resources!

How about you? Is your kitchen paperless?

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