is today making a forever memory?

April 05, 2012

I remember a green felt dress, a moment that I farted and cried when others laughed at me, a ballon tied to my blanket at nap time. . .

Isn’t it interesting to look back into your childhood and wonder at the snippets of memories that surface?  They can seem so random (why do I remember the interior of the car my mom drove when I was a baby)?  Do you ever wonder what memories will stick in the minds of your kids?  I do.  I wonder this as I am rushing them out of the door.  I wonder this as I say “no” to something I could say “yes” to.  I pray their memories speak back to them the love and grace that my husband and I want to offer them.

Last week we were on vacation and had the chance to visit the beach.  It had been raining all day but in the evening the sun finally broke through the clouds and we took our opportunity to go down to the sand.  Quinten stood too close to the waves and his feet soaked in the cold salty sea water.  Then again his curiosity drew him near again and this time the wave pushed him over drenching him from the waist down.  So we removed his shoes and socks and pants and let them play, unfettered and free.

It was a memory worth making.

Yesterday I had to run errands in town before picking up my daughter from school at noon.  One simple trip into the store turned into three (after I forgot something, then realized I purchased the wrong item and had to go return it) and I neglected to wear a baby carrier and was trying to do everything while holding my 10 month old and my purchases, and my wallet and my keys.  By the time we made it back out to my car I was hot, sweaty and impatient.  The snow that had been falling all morning was annoyingly filling my car as the door stood open waiting for my 2.5 year old to “just get in!”  But he wanted nothing of it.  Instead his face was turned up to the sky watching the big fluffy flakes floating down in a wondrous symphony of art.  The puffs landed on his cheeks and he giggled in delight.  I froze.  I reminded myself that this moment would never happen again and I bent low to the ground and looked up with him at the sky.  We took turns opening our mouths and tried to catch the flakes in our mouth and together admired a miracle of God together.

I hope he remembers that one, I know I will.

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