reasons I want to keep my son

April 11, 2012

This kid is a keeper.

Even if he didn’t put every-single-thing he finds on the floor in his mouth (including the floor dust bunnies he collects from under my kitchen stove).

Even if he didn’t suck on my chin like a lollipop.

Even if he didn’t smile all day long (except for when he is making his silly tongue face).

Even if his hair wasn’t wildly unruly and unkept (oh wait, that part is probably more up to me than him).

Even if he didn’t pop his thumb into his mouth (palm facing the sky–not sure how it is comfortable) as soon as I pick him up.

Even if his face didn’t light up when we sing him is personal “Tanner, Tanner, Tanner” song. . .

I would still love him to pieces.  But the fact that he does, just melts my heart.

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