…and then I became a mom.

April 18, 2012

Are you guys enjoying our new contributing bloggers?  I feel like our conversation here has been broadened and enriched as these new mommy voices have chimed in and I am loving it.  I hope you are too.  Today I want to introduce you to Melody.  I love that she is a homeschooling mother because I know that will resonate with many of you.  I love that she is willing to speak transparently about her life because we can all use a breath of fresh air in that department.  And I love that she loves Jesus which means we have the same standard of God’s loving grace to start from and from there we can grow and teach each other as we learn different lessons along the way.  With a broad smile and warm heart, I welcome Melody:

Hi!  My name is Melody Gross.  I’m a stay at home mama and homeschooling newbie to a very rambunctious brood of little people. At this very moment, my house is nearly quiet, except for the muffled sounds of  Veggie Tales that I have going for my kiddos, a few rooms away.   I try not to use TV as a babysitter too often, but it has been one of those mornings where there was serious threat of this mama going off the deep end, “If one more person gets out a roll of toilet paper to do a magic trick…”

I sit in our home office that looks much like a small bomb has gone off.  On my desk is quite the array of clutter: a half eaten candy bar (which will very soon become a whole eaten candy bar), a pile of my daughter’s new headbands and socks, some rouge bathtub toys, an action figure, a wilted daffodil blossom, and _____, you name it, it’s probably in here somewhere.  And littering the floor there are boxes of clothes (eventually bound for the attic) shoes, paper wrappers, and yes, even a set of golf clubs tucked back in the corner.  The breakfast dishes have yet to be cleaned up, and dirty clothes are spilling out from the laundry room and into our hallway.  And apparently, my two year old has grown tired of singing vegetables.  He’s now squirming in my lap, coloring with an ink pen (mostly on paper but also on my arm), and very adamantly demanding my i-pod.  I’m wondering how long it’s going to be until he discovers the chocolate.

Oh this crazy, messy life of mine. This is not what I envisioned before I became a mom. Seriously, I was going to have it all together!  My kids would be quiet, little, subservient angles.  My house would always be immaculate.  And I would most certainly never lock myself in the bathroom, just so I could eat my Snack Pack in peace.

I had this whole mothering gig figured out.

Then I became a mom.

My kids are not quiet. My house is not clean.  And locking myself in the bathroom is a pretty common occurrence around here.  It turns out this whole raising human beings thing, is pretty tricky.

But God’s grace abounds. And oh, how He is using this wild, tornadoesque life of mine, to mold and shape me. This mama who used to hold so tightly to every.single.thing. is slowly learning to loosen her grasp.  And as it turns out, letting go can be a truly wonderful thing.

My life is loud.  My life is messy.  But mingled with the chaos and the noise, beauty and joy reside.

aaaand…my toddler just discovered the golf clubs.

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