Artwork worth framing!

May 14, 2012

I have been meaning to have my kids do some artwork that I could frame for quite sometime.  I finally decided this would be the week, no more putting it off.

My initial plan had been to let the kids use finger paint to create a painting on scrapbooking paper (or any paper that is acid free so that it won’t yellow over time) and then to let it dry and frame it for the wall.  However the homemade finger paint that I attempted to use was too thick I came up with a “plan B”.  I went to Target and purchased a frame with a mat.  I opened up the frame, removed the mat and allowed them to paint it any way that they wanted to with their crayola paints.  It was fun to see how great they both turned out even though they were so different!

We allowed the mat to dry and then I marked it with their name and date.  Then I chose a recent photo of them and placed it in the mat and put it back in the frame.  The end result turned out really awesome.  I love that I have both a personal art piece but I also see how old they were at the time that they created it!  I decided that they turned out so well that I purchased another frame for them to paint as a gift for my moms birthday.  An idea like this could also be fun as a class gift to a teacher (each child could add a few fingerprints or brushstrokes) with the class photo enclosed.  If you have additional ideas, please share and feel free to pin this post on Pinterest!

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