The Magical Fruit Called Beans

June 13, 2012

It would appear that the whole world is under financial strain. Our mighty dollar has weakened, and we are almost all feeling the pinch, no? For that reason, we all desire to be more frugal and so we flock to great money-saving blogs (such as this one) looking for deals, coupons, and helpful tips on how to spend less.

Overseas I have had to become quite creative in regards to frugality. Deals online are no longer great deals when you have to pay shipping.  (Like the time I saw a skirt on sale at Old Navy for $10 and they would ship it to me for only $60! Yowzers.)

We’ve done our best to cut back as much as we can…we line-dry clothes, walk as much as we can, turn lights off when we leave the room, use cloth diapers on the baby, etc, etc, etc. Those are things we are all doing! Next in line to trim back was the grocery list. There are no coupons here and the only things that go on sale are junk food items.

Therefore…BEANS. We eat ‘em. A lot!

Knowing that we are all trying to pinch pennies, save more, spend less, I thought I would share some of the tasty, different bean recipes I have tried and loved. (Because we did the simple black beans over rice and got tired of it pretty quick.)

Black Bean Tart with Chili Crust (I haven’t actually tried these yet, but it looks interesting)

Black Bean and Brown Rice Cakes (Could these be used as a burger patty I wonder?)

Black Bean and Cheese Taquitos (I leave the cheese out, brush olive oil on the tortillas and bake them!)

And when you’ve tried all of those and are running low on creativity, go back to the Pioneer Woman’s Pinto Beans and Cornbread. She will never steer you wrong.

Of course there are also the great bean recipes that Heather has previously shared:

Black bean brownies

Slow cooker refried beans

Easy (and super yummy) hummus

Mexican Bean Burgers

and the ebook ebook called The Everything Beans book which Heather said has been a wonderful resource for her.

So beans are my little money saving tip and I have to ask, if there are any other Americans overseas reading this…please share in the comments any tips you have for me!


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