Never Go Hungry Again: A Spiritual Nutrition Guide for Moms

June 18, 2012

It has been a while since I have mentioned where I am at in the process of publication for my manuscript.  This is mostly because I don’t know much yet.  I am still waiting.  Several weeks ago I was updated that my manuscript is now in front of an editorial team being considered.  This was very encouraging news. I had not heard anything since submitting it in July of last year and it can be hard to know what to assume during that long wait.  Waiting seems to be a consistant theme of this process and I am learning to be content in the not knowing.

One thing I have appreciated throughout this process is having friends who also have a passion for writing. One such friend is Angela Gifford.  I first met Angela several years ago when we attended Real Life Ministries in Post Falls.  Angela was a coordinator for  MOPS, and her love for God’s word was so apparent as she encouraged us with insight into scriptures she was reading.  Later I discovered that we shared more than just a passion for writing, we also both had a heart to pursue writing a book.

Angela has beat me to the press so to speak by courageously embarking on the ebook journey.  We joke about how easy it would be if we could just write and the readers would automatically find us but it doesn’t work that way.  Instead there is so much to learn beyond simply recording thoughts.  I am proud of the perseverance and determination she has shown while earnestly seeking God’s direction and will for the words he has given her to share.

Her new book, Never Go Hungry Again: A Spiritual Nutrition Guide for Moms is quite simply a powerhouse of wisdom and spiritual encouragement for mothers.

Filled with practical tips and sound advice, I took notes like a school girl sitting in the front row as I read.  What I loved most about Angela’s book was the way she paralleled the different stages we go through as mothers to the way we feed our families.  Although the way in which we feed them depends a lot on the stage of life we are in, we always find ways to feed our family.  In the same way we NEED nourishing time with the Lord regardless of if we just had a baby and can barely stay awake during the day, or if we have a well oiled routine with older children who are in school full time.  The point that Angela so beautifully makes in her book is that God not only understands our needs as mothers, but he has a plan in place to specially care for us with young.  We do not have to wait until our kids are older to spend precious time in God’s Word, but we do need to be aware that what that time looks like will change depending on what stage we are in.  Packed with suggestions on how to make the most of each stage of motherhood, I felt equipped and inspired to draw near to my Savior.  As Angela says,

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a very good mom by myself.  I’m not a very good wife either. . . or friend or daughter or sister.  I really need the Lord. Really. Need. Him.  I need Him today.  The people in my life need me to rely on Him today — not in eighteen years.

Angela recently met with me to share a little more about the heart behind her book in this short video, I hope you will take a moment to watch it.  If you have a desire to draw near to God but feel conflicted on how to do that in your current stage of motherhood, I encourage you to consider letting Angela fill you up with words of advice and encouragement through her book Never Go Hungry Again: A Spiritual Nutrition Guide for Moms.

If you purchase the book at, Angela has graciously offered a $1.00 discount if you use the code “mom4life”.

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