DIY: Summer Parasol Wreath

June 25, 2012

I love the idea of a well trimmed door with a fresh new wreath awaiting each new season!  I found this idea for my summer parasol wreath on Pinterest.

All you need is:

-A wreath (either foam or a grapevine as shown below)
-A box of mini parasols (I purchased a box of over 100 for about $5 on Amazon)
-Some Caribbean music (optional)

To make:

Simply open up your parasols and decorate to your liking.  Ashlyn helped me with mine and I was impressed by how well she did.  We had fun and the end result is very cute.

My only concern (besides how dirty my door looks in this photo) is that the colors on my little parasols will fade fast if I keep my wreath in the direct sun. For that reason, I think you would do best to choose a door that gets some shade to display your wreath.  Enjoy!

The original idea for this wreath was found on Family Chic via Jessica Hekman on Pinterest.  If your into pinning, I welcome you to pin along with me!

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