Francie Pants Sale!!

June 29, 2012


Its summer time and if your girl is anything like mine she LOVES herself some dresses.  Ashlyn wears a dress or skirt EVERYDAY.  I’m not kidding.  In the winter she loves to wear tights underneath to keep her panties covered, but what is a girl to do when the warm weather comes around?  How do you help keep your girly girl modest while she plays and has fun being a kid?

Francie Pants

$16.50  $13.20

Francie Pants were inspired by the old rhyme, “I see London, I see France, I see someone’s underpants!” The fear of this taunt has caused little girls to stop turning cartwheels and climbing trees. It has made them go from proud to ashamed in a single instant.

Francie Pants shorts give girls back their pride and their confidence.

When girls wear Francie Pants they are able to be both girlie and modest at the same time. So lightweight, silky and comfortable, your little girl can barely feel them on. Francie Pants embraces an active lifestyle for girls. Francie Pants shorts are a sassy yet modest way for girls to express who they are, without shame or hesitation. They’re free to twirl, do a handstand or a high kick, because we’ve got them covered!

“Show em’ London, Show em’ Francie Pants!”


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