The opposite game & why it doesn’t work in our house (wink-wink;)

July 18, 2012


If you want your kids to do something, turn it into a game.  It’s simple but the best ideas usually are right? Want an easy game idea?  Read on.

Its called the “opposite game” and the rules are simple: agree to say the opposite of what you mean.

For example:

Me: Ashlyn, I don’t want you to clean up those books you left on the floor there.  In fact, I want you to walk away and leave them there for the rest of the day, that would make me VERY happy!

Ashlyn: No mom I won’t clean up the books!

Me: Good, I didn’t think you would.

Ashlyn: (cleaning up the books) I don’t like this game.

Me: Neither do I and I am very sad to see those books off the floor by the way.


Get the idea?  The beauty of this came is that not only is it fun, but it requires some brain power (converting everything you say into an opposite is tricky business).  If you really want to be a stinker, this is a great time to suggest that you will make ice cream sandwiches for lunch ;) .  Ashlyn and Hunter are 6 and 8 and play this game really well.  My guess is that 5 year olds could follow it too.  Kids younger than that may struggle with the concept, so test it out in a fun way to see if it is something they are ready for before you start spewing promises that may bring on the tears once they realize you were only kidding!

What about you? What is your favorite way to make daily jobs fun?

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