Don’t sweat the small stuff

July 23, 2012

When I was six I looked a lot like my daughter does now, well except for that necklace chain positioned over her ears and across the bridge of her nose. . .

You see, when I was six, I was focusing on making sure that EVERY item of clothing I was wearing matched (which of course included my panties).  My carefree daughter wouldn’t dream of being tied down by such restricting ideas! I realized early on that I had a decision to make: would I focus on “fixing” her fashion choices or encouraging her heart’s direction?  I have chosen the later and look at the fun that has followed!

From left to right:

-Tights as a scarf with a sleeveless top as a skirt makes for a fashionable statement!
-Leggings converted into a penguinish skirt as both legs are squeezed into one hole allow for a fun yet also challenging fashion experiment!
-Multiple prints are way more fun than one!


-Using s skirt as a head covering held in place by a headband is a fun option when you can’t decide which skirt to wear!
-When you get tired of wearing a skirt on your head, try a handkerchief held in place by a headband–pretty!
-If you are thinking you might get hot, don’t worry about wearing shorts, just roll up your pants–way up (and don’t forget to stick out your tongue)!


Do you have a budding fashionista? How do you feel about allowing that freedom to blossom?  And I have to know, which outfit or accessory above is your favorite?

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