Just add water

August 01, 2012

Some days I get into a funk.  I really try to stay positive. Patient. Happy. Kind. Loving. Joyful. You know, all those ‘good’ things we mommas strive to be. But some days, those attributes feel all but lost. One day not long ago, I found myself in this place. I was miserable. And in turn, I was making everybody else miserable.

In a strange moment of clarity I looked out and saw my kids in the pool full of bubbles, and I wanted nothing more than to join them.  And so…I did!  And you know what!?  That funk I was in became all but an ugly memory.  I mean seriously, how can one stay crabby when they are covered in bubbles?  The delight in the eyes of my children was priceless.  In that moment, I realized how often I inadvertently avoid entering the world of my children, while I try so desperately to manage the chaos of my own.

But now I’m wondering?  Maybe I have it all backward? Perhaps I should be working less and playing more?  Because when I emerged from that pool, all the things that seemed so hopeless only moments before, suddenly seemed so trivial. Maybe my kids are onto something?

Maybe it was the bubbles.  Maybe it was the giggles of delight from my children.  Maybe it was the fact that I finally let go of all that was fighting so fiercely to grab hold of me.  Whatever it was…I want more of it!  So if you ever stop by and you find me covered in bubble…you’ll know why : )


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