How to get rid of a wart with duck tape

September 12, 2012

Here is a gross blog post topic only to possibly be out done by my last post.  Honestly people I am just trying to weed out readers here and so only the true die hard wanting-to-remove-warts readers remain.

Still readin’?  Awesome, lets do this.

You will need:

-a wart
-a roll of duck tape

Tear a strip of duck tape that is wide and long enough to fully cover both the wart and the surrounding skin.  Apply the tape directly over the wart.  Allow the tape to remain in place until it begins to come off on its own.  When this happens, replace with a new strip of tape.  Repeat the process faithfully.  Over time your wart will start to get “angry” as the adhesive within the tape signals to your body to fight against it and will begin to fight against the wart.  Eventually your body will reject the wart entirely and it will practically pop off your skin (as shown in the photo below).  When this happens it is time to celebrate, you won!

I was tempted to title this post: “How to get rid of a wart naturally” but in good conscience I can’t claim that, I have no idea what is in duck tape.  I did look it up in the EWG database but as expected my search yielded no results.  My second option was “How to easily get rid of a wart” but I can’t claim that either.  It took several weeks for Ashlyn’s to fall off and a few months for Hunter’s, that doesn’t fall under my list of “easy.”  What I can say is that it is cheep, non invasive and virtually pain free.

We learned about this method of wart removal after Ashlyn discovered a wart on the bottom of her foot and I (not knowing what to do about) it did nothing (this by the way is neither an effective or recommended course of action).  Over time, I realized that this approach was backfiring and her wart was growing. I asked her pediatrician for advice.  I was pleasantly surprised when he suggested that we try duck tape rather than the wart removal stuff sold in stores, freezing or cutting it out.  It took persistance but in the end our efforts were rewarded!

Lucky for us Hunter later got two warts on his toes so we got to test this method out a second time.  It took longer (partially because the tape occasionally would dry out his toe so much in the creese that it would crack and bleed so we would have to rest it for a few days by not using tape) but as of last week he is now wart free!

Apparently the fun isn’t quite over yet however as Quinten now has one of his own. . . Maybe I should shift my focus now from wart removal to wart prevention!

If you don’t happen to have any duck tape on hand or if you want to try an alternative method, my good friend Kira swears by apple cider vinegar as a wart remover.

I’d love to know what has or hasn’t worked for you in the area of wart removal!

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