Top 3 reasons to live in my small town

September 19, 2012

Living in a small town can have its pros and cons.  Here are my current top three favorite features of our town:

1) 8 times out of 10 when I drive though town, I can spot this golf cart parked somewhere along the “main drag.”  This was one of the rare times that the driver was not simply sitting in his cart watching traffic go by.

Because he was not in his cart, I was able to get this close up shot and realized that he has taped a sign to the back that says “sheriff”.  I don’t know if I should be glad because I now know how seriously this man takes his job or if I should be worried that should some major crime go down, the perpetrators will get away if they can drive faster than 15 miles an hour. . .

2) We have a local masseuse (regrettably I had to look up how to spell that word).  She works out of her home.  Her rates are very affordable.  She is blind.  Ask me how I know.

3) We have a local chiropractor.  She takes her time and really helps you get to the bottom of your pain.  She gets extra bonus points because her youngest (who was born 3 days after my youngest) is also named Tanner.  She wins the prize for best chiropractor ever because while I was bedridden with back pain she came to my house on her day off while in the midst of a move with her two young boys in toe in order to give me my adjustment–and then kept coming back until I felt better.  Wow.

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