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December 06, 2012

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My life just got easier.  I owe it to a pair of mom inventors named Courtney and Whitney (who also happen to be sisters).  Allow me to explain:

I have been evaluating unique mom invented products for 9 years in a row. My eyes can admittedly become glazed over from time to time as I see products come to the market that are less than exciting or quite simply a remake of some other mother’s invention. When I do find a product that I get excited about, I feel quite confident that other mothers are going to get a little giddy too!

A while back I felt this way about the Knot Genie hair brush and it has proven itself to be a fantastic product that I am 100% pleased to offer on our site.

Today I am excited to share another tool that I believe you will love.

The Stoplight Golight is simple in design but brilliant in application.  This little timer is a time management tool that your children can use to help them manage
-bed time/wake times
-nap times
-technology time
-reading time
-bruising teeth
-and more!

In my house it has been an amazing help with my 3 1/2  year old son who had gotten out of the habit of taking naps while my older kids were home for the summer.  We have now been using the Stoplight Golight constantly for several weeks and Quinten clearly knows “Red means stay in bed, green means wake up!”  In fact, he was on board with using it from the first time it was introduced.  It is so cute to see how excited he is when he wakes up from his nap and sees that the light is green.  “Mom!  It’s green, time to get up!”

We take the Stoplight Golight with us when we are at Grandma’s house as a consistent tool for nap and bedtimes in a new room.  It was also fantastic when daylight savings occurred because he was used to checking for the color of the light to know if he could get out of bed yet.  The design is not “babyish” so my older children are happy to use it for tasks as well.  Think it might put a stop to some of your frustrations as well?


Stoplight Golight Timer
Retail Price:  $34.95

This week, we’re giving away one Stoplight Golight Timer!

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You have until Tuesday, December 11th, to enter!

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