Meet the Mother-Daughter Inventor Team Behind Sprout Shell!

December 18, 2012

Hi! I’m Kirsten, one of the moms behind Sprout Shell. I’m married and have two little ones and another on the way. We live in the San Francisco Bay area and enjoy the great weather and beautiful landscapes. I’m often asked how Sprout Shell got started. It’s a bit of a long story,  but a good one I think.

When my mom, Sheri, gave birth to my little sister in the fall of 1998, she realized the weather would soon be turning cold and she would be forced yet again to cover the infant carrier with a blanket whenever she stepped outside. Like every mom on-the-go, she was quickly reminded of how difficult it is to keep a blanket draped over the carrier handle while trying to prevent it from flying away and exposing her baby to the elements. She was also reluctant to suffocate her daughter under multiple blankets. After searching every baby store for a solution, but finding nothing that worked like she wanted, she made a cover of her own – one that fit all the way around the infant seat with elastic in the bottom to hold it in place, plus a hole in the top for the handle to fit through so her hand wouldn’t slip, and and opening so she could see her baby inside its tent-like enclosure.

Years passed, and she was continually amazed that no one had the same idea she did. Then  it all really began in 2008, when I was about to have my first baby. I asked her to make me one of her covers.  We’d still never seen anything like it, and we got frustrated every time we saw someone using a blanket to cover their infant carrier. We were convinced the world was in serious need of a truly functional infant carrier cover, and Sprout Shell was born.

It is designed with both baby and mom in mind. The difference between the Sprout Shell and anything else on the market is the over-the-handle design that creates an enclosure for the baby, protecting its entire body from the elements. It also allows access to the carrier handle so there is no slipping, and the elastic makes attaching or removing the cover quick and easy! The stylish and diverse fabric choices make using Sprout Shell fun and fashionable for both mom and dad. Plus, moms can use it for a nursing cover, shopping cart cover and high chair cover, so they save a lot of money over buying each product individually.

It has definitely been an adventure so far! We knew nothing about running a business when we started and have learned everything as we went along. Sometimes it’s a little crazy being moms, plus wearing all the hats of a business owner too. But we have a lot of fun, and we love interacting with our customers.

We love getting input from moms on what would make it better, so over the years we’ve made it bigger and added a pocket for on-the-go essentials. We also enjoy getting in touch with hospitals and the parents of babies that need extra protection. It’s rewarding being able to give them something that helps keep their vulnerable babies safe from the elements and germs outside the hospital.

Sprout Shell 3 in 1 Chic Infant Carrier Covers

$45.00 + free shipping (as always)!

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