BurpCatcher Pocket Burp Cloth – Mom 4 Life Sale!!

January 24, 2013

BurpCatcher Pocket Burp Cloth 50% off this week!

$14.99 $7.50

BurpCatcher Pocket Burp Cloth is a unique solution to controlling your baby’s spit-up.

Babies are cute-we love ‘em-but they do some things that aren’t so cute, like spitting up. Finally, there’s a solution to icky baby goo.

With a regular burp cloth, baby’s mess runs down your back and onto you, the furniture and the floor. BurpCatcher has an ingenious pocket that hangs open to catch baby’s spit up every time. Put it over your shoulder or across your arm-BurpCatcher stops the spit up before it makes a mess!

Made of soft flannel or cozy fleece, BurpCatcher is totally washable and versatile, with no hard parts or hardware. It can be scrunched into a diaper bag and used just like any other burp cloth, only much better!


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