Homeschooling = living with intention

March 19, 2013

Among the many benefits of homeschooling that I have been discovering, one of my current favorites is the gift of intentionality.  There is something powerful that happens when the reigns of learning are placed solely in your hands.  Not only is it daunting, but it is also empowering.  Suddenly ALL of life becomes a lesson.  Not that it wasn’t or couldn’t have been before, but now it HAS to be, because if we as parents don’t teach it, who will?  The blessing in this is that we now also have more time to teach these precious lessons as our day becomes structured to meet the needs and ebbs and flows of our family pulse, rather than a school calendar.

In our home, this has meant that Hunter’s interest in cooking has been nurtured and encouraged.  On several occasions we have simply slowed down to help instruct and direct him as he learns how to fry his own eggs and bacon, cook his own egg-in-the-hole, make blueberry muffins. . .  Not only is it fun and educational, but we are able to enjoy the process because we are not trying to squeeze it into an evening before bed or weekend activity.

It has also meant that new skills such as sewing can be learned and we can now make time for extra curricular activities such as a weekly CYT drama class (Hunter’s pick) or Art class at the Kroc center (Ashlyn’s pick) without sacrificing family time.

Lastly, we have been able to engage in more frequent parent-child “dates”. I love this.  The memories and practical lessons learned (opening a door for others, how to place a napkin on your lap, ordering etiquette) are priceless.


This month I have been giving extra thought to the approaching Easter holiday and thinking with intention about how we can anticipate and celebrate it as a family.   Tomorrow I will share some of the ideas I have compiled and a few that we have started in the hopes that it might stir up some fun new traditions in your home!

What about you?  Does your schedule allow for intentional instruction with your kids?  What are they learning or what interests do you hope to foster in them this year?

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