5 New Easter Traditions

March 20, 2013

I believe that building traditions strengthens families.  It adds to the “special sauce” that makes your family unique from all others.  Not only that but it is just plan fun to have things to look forward to on a daily, weekly or yearly basis.

This year, I have been on the hunt for some new Easter traditions to begin with our family.  Easter is so rich with meaning.  It simply makes sense that we should develop special ways to remember and celebrate Christ’s resurrection!

It can be easy to go overboard and try to do too much and unintentionally add stress where celebration should be abounding.  Below are a few ideas that I have found and plan to try this year.  I have jotted them down on the calendar, spacing them out, in the hopes of preventing this overload.  However, I am going to make a point to abandon any activity that pushes us into the “stress” rather than the celebration side of things.

1) Make an Empty Tomb cake.

Not only is this cake adorable, but it looks like it will taste better than the Empty Tomb Cookies (shown below) that we made last year (they are a lot like divinity and I am not a big fan of all the sugar).

I did love the symbolism in the cookies however.  If you are interested in going the route of baking something that magically becomes “empty”, another option that looks fun are these Resurrection Rolls.

2) Try making our own natural egg dye.  I’ve meant to do this for a few years now but it takes some planning ahead so this year I am determined and already have my grocery list for the items I want on hand (such as canned beets).  In the meantime, I am trying to ignore the box of Easter egg dye that I recently got at the dollar store.  I found the Eco Crazy Mom blog and the Spoonful blog to be great resources for the ingredients I will need to have on hand for the natural version.

3) Watch a kid friendly version of the Easter Story.  I have my own personal tradition of watching The Passion of the Christ movie on Good Friday.  It never fails to cut me to the core and leave me breathless with gratitude for the sacrifice our Savior made on our behalf.  However, I don’t believe that my kids are emotionally ready for the graphic display of torture that Christ endured.  Thanks to the Life as a Mom blog I was directed to this website where we an watch a kid friendly Easter movie for free.

4) Read Benjamin’s Box while opening our Resurection Eggs  If you don’t plan to use the eggs alongside  the book, consider using the free printable by This Simple Home or this one by Play Eat Grow to easily make your own (the exact items and verses used by these blogs differ from those in the book).   I have read several ideas on how/when to read this story along with the use of the eggs.  I decided to follow the idea from Want What you Have and begin opening the eggs 11 days (the book highlights 11 different parts of the Easter story) before Easter with the last egg opened on Easter Sunday.  I also prepared a “tree” as she did to hang the verses on that accompanied each daily egg.  You can see the verses in a jar next to the base of the tree on our dining room table just waiting to be hung.

5) Make Whole Wheat Soft Pretzels.  I had no idea that pretzels could be tied to Easter but according to Good Cheap Eats they tie in perfectly (pun intended).  Click on over through the link provided to read more!


P.S. All these Easter ideas (and a few others) can be found here on my Pinterest page.

What Easter traditions does your family enjoy?  Are there any you are thinking of trying for the first time this year so some you have abandoned along the way?

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