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August 16, 2013


Believe me, I know how hard it is to look put together in the morning as a mom. Below are my favorite, easy makeup products. I literally take no more than five minutes in the morning to put my makeup on. And it really makes such a huge difference in how great I feel the rest of the day. I just feel more put together and prettier, even if I don’t leave the house!

        MAC Face and Body Foundation      (I use N3)


                              Revlon Colorstay Concealer

 Loreal Translucide Powder

 Sephora Bronzer in Bora Bora

 Loreal Voluminous Very Black Mascara

Ulta Eyeshadow in Sunburst

               Bobbi Brown Eyebrow Shaper

Maybelline Baby Lips (favorite colors are Peach Kiss and Pink Punch)

                         Mom 4Life Peppermint Lip Balm

I start by applying the MAC foundation with my hands. This foundation has a very watery texture and gives light to medium coverage depending on how many layers you use. I love it because it doesn’t transfer on clothes and stays on all day plus it has a dewy finish. Then I put a little concealer under my eyes. Then lightly set the entire face with the Loreal powder. This powder is great, it has vitamin C in it and keeps me shine free all day. Next I lightly brush the bronzer on my cheeks and forehead. I like a bronzer that doesn’t have too much shimmer so this Bora Bora color is perfect for me. For the eyes, I keep it pretty natural. I just sweep the Ulta eyeshadow over my lids and then apply the mascara. This mascara is my favorite and believe me I have tried them all. Finish the eyes by brushing my eyebrows. Since I have pretty thick and dark eyebrows, I absolutely must brush them in order to look put together. Finally finish with the Baby Lips or lip balm. Very simple and easy but for me, it makes such a huge difference. I use Bareminerals brushes and I love them! On a daily basis I don’t use eyeliner or lipstick. I hope you will try some of these products (no I was not paid by these companies). This is honestly what I use each and every single day. J

*sorry for the mean face! All the ones I took smiling looked goofy

Stay tuned next week for my favorite face and body care products!

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