Product Review – Pretty Pushers Delivery Gown

September 25, 2013

I am very excited to do this product review. I saw on Kourtney Kardashian’s blog that this item is one of the things she packed in her hospital bag to deliver Penelope (don’t judge me, I like mindless TV sometimes). I also heard that it was featured on Tia & Tamara’s reality show and was seen on Kim Zolciak from Housewives of Atlanta. So I knew I had to find them and see what the fuss was about.



Mary Apple, the mom who invented this product, wanted to deliver her child in something soft yet more stylish than just the normal hospital delivery gown. So Mary decided to sew her own gown and everyone at the hospital loved it so much that she decided to start selling them.


Here is Mary in her Pretty Pushers gown right before the delivery of her child.


We just received this product at Mom 4 Life so I thought it would important to do a product review so all of you could learn more about it. They are selling on our site for $29.00 with free shipping and come in Black, Green and Pink. One size fits all. The first thing I notice when I hold the Pretty Pushers Gown is how soft it is. The material is a soft, jersey material and 100% cotton. And the green and pink colors are so vibrant and fun. LOVE THOSE!


And the outer packaging is recycled, recyclable, and PVC-free. Its also made in the USA. :-)


I also love the fact that its one size fits all. Especially when you are pregnant, you don’t want to think about what size to order. The packaging states that it is disposable but you could wash it if you chose to. I think the fabric is thick enough that it would hold up well in the wash. (should you even want to keep it after delivery)

The style is a very cute v neck halter that ties around the neck. What I love most about this feature is that once you have your baby, it will be super easy to breastfeed. You could just pull the v neck down and easily nurse (as opposed to be totally exposed with a traditional hospital delivery gown). The gown also has a low v in the back designed for easy access for an epidural. And the front has several slits and openings so that any fetal monitoring can easily be done without removing the gown. Also since its a halter, your arms are exposed making it really easy for all the tubes and needles you get poked with during labor.

A little bonus feature that surprised me a lot was the hair tie. I never thought about needing that during labor but now that I have bangs, it would be perfect to swoop them back. The hair tie is a simple band that you can tie around the back of your head.


Overall, I think this would be a great gown to deliver a baby in. Its soft, comfortable and doesn’t make you feel frumpy. Its like having your baby in really cute, soft pajamas. Believe me you will have no shame taking post baby pictures in this gown. And don’t be surprised if all the nurses and doctors ask you where you got that gown!


I also think this would seriously be one of the cutest baby shower gifts! I have about three showers coming up in the next few months and this will definitely given to all three mommas to be :-)


I am not pregnant or I would have modeled this item myself! :-) How adorable do these ladies look?!?




Again, they are $29.00 with free shipping, get them while they last! Click here!



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