Fall Favorites – Toddler clothing

October 09, 2013

I know I have mentioned this before but my husband is an amazing dresser. So for him (and I guess me too) it is important that we pass on this fabulous sense of style on to our son Dominic. Although sometimes I think it would incredibly hilarious if he grew up to be a carefree hippie who could care less about clothes and fashion. :-)

Here are some of my favorite fall finds for toddler boys (girl favorites post will be on Friday)

GAP Batman Sweater

GAP Cable Knit Sweater

Duck Boots (I wish it got cold enough here for these)


(perfect for fall weather before Winter)

Born to Love Beanie

Old Navy Sweater

H&M sweatpants

H&M Denim Shirt

Basically I love everything right now at The Gap and H&M. They have some really adorable stuff right now.

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