My Holiday To Do Wish List

November 20, 2013



It got me thinking about all the other fun stuff I want to do this year so I’ve put together a Holiday To Do Wish List.



Who is going to join me???


20. Pay for someones drink behind me in the Starbucks drive thru line.



19. Make truly homemade cookies. My all time favorite is oatmeal chocolate chip.



18. Use a strand of Christmas lights in a random place in my house. Maybe fill up a vase with lights or frame a doorway.



17. Find out how to place Poinsettias around the house without them looking out of place!



16. Drink hot chocolate (or a latte) and drive around looking at Christmas lights :-)



15. Watch at least three Christmas movies. I am thinking maybe Christmas Story, Four Christmas’ (so funny, I love Vince Vaughn), and Elf. Oh but I can’t leave out Home Alone! Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.



14. Host a cocktail holiday party at my house. I have always wanted to host a super fancy cocktail party. I just imagine that great photos would come from it. :-)



13. Make holiday treats for my neighbors and friends. I am thinking either cinnamon sugar nuts or chocolate dipped pretzels.




12. Make spiked eggnog. My husband makes this and its divine.




11. Wear festive pajamas and drink coffee while Dominic watches Christmas cartoons.




10. Wrap all presents in the same wrapping paper and make every effort to tie cute bows on them




9. Hang a mistletoe in my house




8. Take holiday pictures with my son and husband




7. Wear red lipstick at least once a week until Christmas. One of my favs is MAC Russian Red.




6. Have all of our family Christmas cards mailed out right after Thanksgiving. I already ordered them! ;-)




5. Buy new stockings for our mantel (aka our floating shelf since we don’t have a fireplace mantel) I saw some at West Elm that were screaming for me to buy them.




4. Donate toys and clothes to local charities.




3. Make an effort to change all of the candles and hand soaps in my house to festive scents.




2. Sneak outside with my husband and enjoy a fire in our backyard. We have a portable fire pit. I would love to snuggle up with him on a cold night by fireside. Drinks in hand!




1. Make sure everyone in my life knows how much I love and appreciate them!


Comment below on things you would like to add to your holiday to do wish list.

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