February 21, 2014

I am very excited to announce that we now offer Tady Totes at

If you haven’t seen them yet, Tady Tote transforms from a plush, cushioned mat to a bag—instantly! From tummy time to preschool and beyond, a child will love playing, napping and cuddling on this comfy mat.



Tady Tote provides a large (52” across), cushioned area for your baby to play on, have tummy time, nap or roll around both indoors and outdoors. It is water resistant, making it ideal for play dates, park outings or anywhere you need a clean place to sit and play. And, since it’s cushioned, it’s even great for hard floors.

It’s also quick and easy to clean up because you can leave all of your items on the mat, then simply fold it back into a bag and go. Two roomy pockets let you store necessities and the Tady Tote can be folded closed without having to remove your child’s toys.


You can even remove the plush teddy bear blanket, which your child is sure to love snuggling with, enabling you to launder it alone or with the entire Tady Tote.

The Tady Tote’s patented design was created by a mother of two from Tucson, Arizona, and it has undergone rigorous safety testing by a government-accredited lab. It’s the only product of its kind, making it an ideal and unique baby shower gift.


 AND for one week only, the Tady Tote is on sale for $65 plus free shipping! Originally $79.99


Get yours right here!


Watch this video to learn more:




I truly love this product. It can be anything from a nap mat, to a play area, to just a snugly blanket. :-) What do you guys think?

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