SafetyTat Quick Stick Write-On! Peel-and-Stick Kids' Temporary Safety Tattoo


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SafetyTat Quick Stick Write-On! Peel-and-stick Kids' Temporary Safety Tattoo The Tat That Brings Kids Back! SafetyTat temporary tattoos are an essential precaution in case your child gets separated from you in a crowd.

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  •     It can happen anywhere- at an amusement park, zoo, school field trip, or even your local shopping mall. Your attention shifts for a moment, and suddenly your child or loved one has wandered out of sight.

        Made with proprietary Tateck waterless peel-and-stick tattoo material
        Package comes with 6 SafetyTats and a free non-toxic SafetyTat Pen
        Fun and colorful, vibrant on all skin tones
        Tattoos come blank so you can customize
        When applied to the arm of your child or loved one, SafetyTat provides an immediate, highly visible form of identification
        Stays in place even when wet at the pool, beach or bathing
        Lasts for up to 2 weeks
        Medical grade, hypoallergenic and latex-free
        Designed by a Mom of three kids
        Made in the USA

    SafetyTat it's the perfect way to show how much you care, just in case.

    SafetyTat uses FDA compliant, medical-grade adhesive on all products. The adhesive is acrylic-based and does not contain latex. Always be cautious and do a small test area with your tattoos prior to applying for long durations. Warning: Do not apply to sensitive skin or near eyes. As a precaution, do not use this temporary tattoo (or any other adhesive products) if you are pregnant or nursing
  • How to Apply your SafetyTat Quick Stick Write-On! Kids' Temporary Tattoo Applique
  • Be sure your child's skin is clean and dry before you apply the temporary tattoo. Please make sure your child's skin does not have sunscreen or lotion on it before applying SafetyTat.
  • Choose a place to apply on his or her arm-any body part that doesn't have a lot of hair. Choose a spot on your child to apply SafetyTat where your child will not be tempted to remove it (like on the outside of arm, or behind neck, "out of sight, out of mind!") If your child does not pick or pull the "Quick Stick Write-On!" SafetyTat, it can last for days, even weeks!
  • Very carefully, peel a single SafetyTat from the larger sheet, avoiding contact with adhesive. Apply, to skin, adhesive side down, press firmly 20 seconds.
  • Note: You cannot remove and reposition your SafetyTat once it is won't stick twice!
  • Slowly remove the top protective layer at slit.
  • Once applied to skin, clearly write emergency information on SafetyTat using the provided tattoo marking pen.

    How to Remove your SafetyTat Quick Stick Write-On! Kids' Temporary Tattoo Applique

     "Low and slow" works best: Loosen edges of SafetyTat with fingernail (You may consider using a moisturizer to soften the adhesive along the peel edge.) Hold the skin next to the SafetyTat ID tattoo with one finger. Remove SafetyTat "low and slow", keeping it close to skin surface and pulled back over itself. As the SafetyTat ID tattoo is removed, continue supporting the skin next to the SafetyTat with one finger.

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