Woombie Organic Old Fashioned AirWrap Blanket® - 3 Pack



The Woombie Old Fashioned Air-Wrap Organic Blankets, made of 100% Organic Cotton breathable fabric.
This product offers a new edge to the traditional square blankets, with a innovative venting system to keep your baby cooler. (Overheating is a risk factor in SIDS.) Our signature bebeflex fabric is soft, light and stretchy!


    -Swaddle wrap

    -Over a stroller to protect from the elements

    -As a cuddle blanket for toddlers

    -Burp cloth

    -Nursing cover

    -Light toddler blanket

   - Tummytime blanket

   - 3 blankets to a pack

**Machine wash warm, air/line dry to maintain perfect shape. Heavy heat will cause airy fabric to temporarily change shape**




Med Blue/White/Lime Baby Blue/Cream/Pale Green White/Taupe/Cream

Coral Pink/White/Lime Pale Green/White/Gray Pale Green/White/Taupe
Baby Pink/Cream/Pale Green Bright Pink/Gray/Purple Light Teal/Gray/Lime



Karen Barski lives "The Secret" philosophy and is living proof of how positive thinking, goal setting, and drive to have an abundant life and healthy family can shape your livelihood in so many ways. So, how did this all start?

Karen grew up in Southwestern Connecticut with her parents and two sisters. Her career began as a Registered Nurse after graduating from St. Vincent’s College of Nursing and Sacred Heart University in 1994. Karen excelled in her nursing career for 19 years and simultaneously started her own business, KB Designs, LLC, in 2007 when she invented the Woombie baby swaddle. In the middle of the night - and on her grandmother's sewing machine - the first Woombie prototype was created out of frustration that her newborn was not sleeping. And it worked! At that time Karen just had her third child Bella'Mar (with twin boys on the way just a year later!).

Karen resides in Trumbull, CT with her husband, Stash, and their five children: Morgan – 17, Kaia – 10, Bella – 5 and Bryce and Brody – 4. Her family is everything to her and they are all an active part in KB Designs.

The Woombie brand has over 25 innovative products that help parents and babies. KB Designs offers a variety of Woombie swaddles such as the Original, Organic, Winter, Summer, Houdini (a firmer swaddle), Deluxe (fancier version), Wrap & Snap, Summer Onesie, Convertible (arms can come out), Leggies (swaddle with legs), and Convertible Leggies Combo. Additionally, KB Designs offers Baby or Toddler Eco’Donut cushions that fold into a bag, Mo’Mo Friends pacifier blankets, baby blankets, Ultra Sleepers, Beanie Knot Hats, after bath Cozy Dry towels, Infant or Toddler Mox Mittens, and MommyTime and DaddyTime Dolls that have a built in timer – designed to help your child understand “time” and “patience” in a fun natural way.

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