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The Nursing Bracelet

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The Nursing Bracelet™ is a pretty piece of jewelry that works as a reminder bracelet that tracks your breastfeeding schedule.

  • It can remind you which breast you fed from last and the time that your baby last fed, using number beads and colored beads arranged to represent a 12-hour clock. The number beads represent hours and each colored bead indicates a 15-minute interval. A charm is moved to mark the time.

    With The Nursing Bracelet, never forget your baby's schedule again, whether you're breastfeeding-on-demand or simply making sure a sleepy baby nurses frequently enough.

    The Nursing Bracelet is made with high-quality glass beads and components for safe and lasting use. New-born babies should feed every two to three hours, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. But it can take time for babies to establish a feeding routine, and tired moms often find it difficult to keep track of a hungry newborn's 'little-and-often' feeding patterns. The Nursing Bracelet is a simple and attractive solution to this problem, with several functions that will help new mothers keep track of their babies' feeds and establish a good milk supply.

    Made in the USA!

    The Nursing Bracelet can be used in many ways:

    • To keep track of which breast your baby last fed from: with one easy action, simply move the bracelet from wrist to wrist.
    • To record what time your baby last fed
    • To mark when your baby should next feed
    • To simply record the total number of feeds in any single day or night

    The Nursing Bracelet has many additional and alternative uses, extra, contrasting charms are available for twins. Or use an extra charm to:

    • Count your baby's wet or dirty diapers in a day
    • Count glasses of water you've drunk in a day
    • Remember when to take/give medication
    • Count number of laps you've walked/run
    • Remember an appointment time

    The charm is moved to mark the time your baby last fed. For example, if your baby begins a feed at 4:30, place the charm between the second and third colored beads after the 4 (see the diagram). This will help you to determine when your baby's next feed is due. Alternatively, you can simply mark when the next feed will be due.

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