ScratchMeNot Flip Mitten Sleeve



ScratchMeNot, soothe the itch!

  • The ScratchMeNot was made to relieve scratching! If your little one is constantly scratching, or if the scratching is damaging their skin, a ScratchMeNot can help reduce the damage by giving their skin an opportunity to heal.
  • Infants or toddlers with Eczema, Psoraisis, Chicken Pox, or even habitual scratchers can benefit from ScratchMeNots
  • ScratchMeNots give your child's skin a chance to heal without little fingers scratching and damaging the skin further
  • Made with all natural and breathable materials: Bamboo/Cotton blend, mittens have a Silk outer layer
  • Easy flip over design allows you to free your child's hands without taking off the ScratchMeNot
  • ScratchMeNots can be worn year round!
  • Cute design looks great with your child's wardrobe
  • Please note: To benefit the most from using ScratchMeNots, it’s important to keep your child's fingernails short.
  • To ensure the ScratchMeNot fits, calculate the wingspan! Simply measure from the middle of the back to the fingertips and multiply by 2
  • Our company, Short Stacks, started shortly after our family grew with the birth of our daughter. Upon learning that she was scratching her skin due to eczema, we began searching for anything to calm her skin. Over time, our comprehensive search became a passion. We found clothing that worked somewhat, but either the material wasn’t breathable, it was too rough, or she was able to take it off. With newfound inspiration, we came up with the ScratchMeNot Tinies and Tots! Simple, yet effective gear that aids in preventing children from scratching their skin. This allows a better healing process for whatever skin irritant a child may be dealing with. Our passion thrives on providing relief to children who cannot help but to scratch.

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