Henna My Belly Art Kit by ProudBody


Henna My Belly Art Kit by ProudBody is a great kit created by professional henna artists and includes all the tools and supplies you need to create beautiful and exotic henna patterns at home.


  • Henna use during pregnancy is an ancient practice and is soothing as well as calming.

    Henna My Belly Art Kit contains only 100% natural henna, sugar and lavender oil. You will need to provide the lemon juice to mix the powder, sugar, lavender oil and lemon juice together to make the henna paste. The kit is generally safe to use on children and during pregnancy, however a doctor should always be consulted if you have any concerns.

    Henna My Belly kit contains:

    • Packaged in a clear, heavy duty, re-useable vinyl zippered pouch
    • 20 grams of fresh henna powder with sucrose (sugar) added. Super finely sifted and 100% natural, yields 3 ounces and produces over 75 beautiful stains.
    • 1.5 Drams 100% Pure Essential Bulgarian Lavender Oil pre measured to darken henna for the best results
    • Jacquard Plastic Applicator Bottle
    • Stainless Steel Jacquard Applicator Tip, size medium
    • 2 Glitter Poof bottles with 10 grams each of holographic pink and aquamarine glitter
    • Mixing Sticks
    • Sugar to keep the henna paste moist
    • 10 Alcohol Swabs to clean and prepare the skin for henna application
    • Assortment of Cotton Balls, Cotton Swabs and Toothpicks to aide in the application, touch ups, and sealing of henna designs
    • Medical Tape to wrap the paste and hold it precisely in place for a perfect stain
    • Complete Recipe and Instructions step by step, straight forward and easy to follow
      A Brief Introduction about Henna and Mehndi
    • 30+ Pattern Ideas to help you get started plus bonus designs created especially for pregnancy
    • Carrot Bag to fill applicators

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