Digitsaver Pinch Guard for Door Knobs


Digitsaver Pinch Guard for Door Knobs.

Digitsaver is a one-of-a-kind safety item that fits on any door knob and keeps the door from closing and injuring little fingers.


    • Fits on most door knobs and lever handles
    • Portable...take it with you where-ever you go
    • Easy to install, no tools required, just attach to any doorknob
    • Does not cause damage to hinges or door frames like other products on the market
    • Blocks door open to prevent young children (or pets) from accidentally locking themselves in a room
    • Prevents door from blowing shut due to an open window or forced air heater
    • Made from velvety soft man-made polyester, reinforced with cotton for additional safety
    • Produced to the highest International Safety Standards
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