Cushy Closer Door Cushion by Baby Urbana

Baby Urbana


No More Noisy Doors! The Original Mom-Invented Cushy Closer; since 2007.

Everyone needs a little quiet! Cushy Closer Door Cushion, the original since 2007, was created by two sisters with 9 children, combined. No dreaded click of the knob, no slamming, no accidental lock-ins; Just Quiet!

  • Allows quiet entry and exit while checking on sleeping children (without turning the knob/handle)
  • Helps prevent children/adults from being accidentally locked in or out (bathrooms, bedrooms, house, etc.)
  • Snug fit helps muffle door sounds (slamming, rattling, closing) while allowing the door to close completely
  • Made in the USA
  • Pattern placement & elastic color may vary.
  • *Please Note* If you have the leaver type handles on your door, the Cushy Closer will still work, it will just take a little more effort. You will have to stretch one side of the elastic as far as it can go to put over the first handle, then stretch the other side as far as it will go to get it over the second. The elastic will reshape itself once in place in a short amount of time.