BinkiBear, is a patented, baby-safe teddy bear that securely holds baby's pacifier, and is the best new tool for teaching your baby how to self-soothe.


  • BinkiBear combines the comfort of the classic teddy bear with the soothing relief of the pacifier. Self-soothing is an important aspect of parenting that begins early.

     BinkiBear is also a must-have for any parent who is struggling with chasing pacifiers!

    BinkiBear solves the problem by attaching the pacifier to a cuddly cute bear that is easy to find... not just for the parent, but for the baby too. Stop trying to find a missing pacifier in the middle of the night, BinkiBear is perfect size for baby to find on his/her own, and to replace the pacifier during the night. That means better sleep for baby, and better sleep for mom and dad.


    • BinkiBear helps baby to sleep better through the night, since the BinkiBear is easy to find in the crib. Baby can also replace the pacifier all by herself, so mommy and daddy sleep through the night too!
    • BinkiBear helps baby travel by providing extra soothing in one easy-to-use tool.
    • BinkiBear is easy to locate in case baby drops it. No more losing pacifiers
    • BinkiBear is lightweight, and actually lighter than most pacifier clips currently available.
    • BinkiBear helps in weaning baby off the pacifier. By only removing the pacifier from the bear, the baby isn't left “alone”. Baby still has her bear, which provides the comfort needed to get through the weaning process. This method reduces the emotional toll on baby and the parents!
    • The Task Force on Infant Sleep Position and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome sites using pacifiers as a method to reduce the risk of SIDS. If baby wakes and desires the pacifier, BinkiBear makes it easy for baby to replace without help.


    BinkiBear Teddy Bear:

    • Soft brown, 9 inch bear
    • 100% pp cotton, no beads, embroidered facial features
    • Eco-friendly
    • Infant-friendly
    • 1.5 inch loop on left arm
    • Loop is small enough for bear to be used without pacifier
    • Machine washable

    * Please note the BinkiBear does not come with a binki, you can fit whatever binki to it that you prefer.

  • faq

    Q: In the safety information, BinkiBear is called a transitional object. What is a transitional object?
    “Transitional object” is simply an object that helps baby learn to self-sooth and gain independence.

    Q: How is BinkiBear safe for infants in the crib when the American Acadamy of Pediatrics(AAP) clearly says that stuffed toys and blankets and the like are a suffocation hazard?
    BinkiBear is not safe in the crib until the child is at least 3 months of age and can roll over. These milestones show that the child can remove suffocation hazards, which means they are able to negotiate the skills involved with safely having a teddy bear in the crib. BUT you are the best judge of whether it is time to place an object in the crib. You are the most intimate expert of your child, and will have to make the safety decisions. You will know when your child is ready to hold a teddy bear at night.

    Q: How exactly can BinkiBear reduce the risk of SIDS and what does the AAP say about this?
      The AAP says that the use of a pacifier during sleep can reduce the risk of SIDS. We say that “reducing SIDS is at the forefront of what we are all about” because BinkiBear makes it easier for parents to choose to use the pacifier because they know they have a solution to the problems of the pacifier. This in turn means that they can introduce the pacifier in the crib alone first, and then use BinkiBear in the crib beginning around 3 months of age in the crib, knowing that they have chosen a pacifier method that truly represents the baby's best interest. Why sacrifice the protection a pacifier can provide if there is a way to reduce the adverse impact later deters from making a sound decision for safety in the beginning? Maybe a better way to explain that we all about reducing SIDS, is to say we are all about helping parents choose the best tools and use them in the best way to promote the safety and welfare of their children.

    Q: What safety standards does BinkiBear meet?
    BinkiBear meets EN7 standards, the highest in the world, and meets ASTM requirements. BinkiBear is CPSIA certified as required by Federal law.

    Please Note: The BinkiBear bag IS NOT a toy. It is not CPSIA certified, however be rest assured that the materials are all tested to be safe, lead free, and non-hazardous. But the drawstring design does create a strangulation hazard. Although it is adorable to watch toddlers carry their BinkiBear in their little backpack, it is not meant for the toddler, but rather as a re-usable packaging for mom to use for baby and toddler.