Anna Naturals Herbal Teas for Mamas

Anna Naturals


  • Anna Naturals Mama Tea's are blends packed with vitamins and herbs to nourish the body. They are naturally caffeine free and safe for you and baby.


    Preconception Tea benefits:

    High in vitamins and minerals
    Assists in regulating menstrual cycles
    Promotes hormonal balance
    Tones the muscles in the uterus
    Promotes a rich uterine lining and strong blood flow
    Best to take 3-6 months prior to conception


    Preconception Tea ingredients: Organic red raspberry leaf, organic nettles, chamomile, orange peel, orange extract, rosehip.


    Pregnancy Tea benefits:

    High in essential nutrients for pregnancy
    Strengthens the uterine wall and prepare the uterus for contractions
    Helps to make delivery easier and faster
    May reduce labor pain during and after childbirth
    Reduces the recovery time after delivery
    Best to take in third trimester (ask your doctor or midwife on when best to start)


    Pregnancy Tea ingredients: Organic red raspberry leaf, organic nettles, organic avena, strawberries, lemon peel, strawberry and lemon extract.


    Keep it Down benefits:

    Relieves nausea due to morning sickness and upset stomach
    May help to relieve heartburn
    Also beneficial in clearing allergies or cold symptoms


    Keep it Down Tea ingredients: Organic ginger root, organic spearmint, lavender, organic red raspberry leaf, strawberries, orange pieces, orange extract.


    New Mama Tea benefits:

    Heals damaged tissues from delivery
    Tones tissue to restore and rejuvenate
    High in Vitamin K and calcium
    Reduces risk of postpartum hemorrhage
    Helps diminish muscle pain in abdomen and legs


    New Mama Tea ingredients: Organic lady's mantle, organic alfalfa, organic nettles, dandelion, strawberries, cherries, cranberries, cherry and strawberry extract.


    Nursing Mama tea benefits:

    Increases milk supply
    Creates a stronger let-down
    Promotes a healthy, going milk supply


    Nursing Mama tea ingredients: Organic whole fenugreek seed, organic rooibos, pineapple, apple, rosehips, lemon peel, hibiscus, cranberry, cherry extract, strawberry extract, orange extract.


    Weaning Mama tea benefits:

    Naturally decreases milk supply
    Helps the weaning process
    Allows for an easy transition from breastfeeding


    Weaning Mama tea ingredients: Organic sage, organic peppermint, yarrow flower, parsley, honey, peaches, peach extract, vanilla extract, stevia extract.