Refresh A Baby - Turns Water Bottles into Baby Bottles

Refresh A Baby

Refresh-a-Baby turns water bottles and beverage bottles into baby bottles!

Fresh water for your baby is now only a water bottle away…just add formula!


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  • Refresh-a-Baby is a patented baby bottle nipple that adapts onto water bottles, instantly converting the water bottle into a baby bottle without the hassle of clean up time saving parents time and energy on-the-go!
  •     Perfect for use of baby formula/juice/even fits “ready made” baby formula bottles

        Baby’s Fresh Water Source

        BPA Free

        Leak Free

        Convenient for travel/airports/theme parks

        Dishwasher Safe

        Light Storage/Fits in purse


        Easy To Use

        Unique Push Fit Application

        Practical for busy Parent’s on-the-go

        No More cleaning Stinky Bottles

        Helps Keep To Feeding Schedule

        Instantly Hydrates Your Baby


        Universal, fits most water bottles

        Ready to use Immediately

      Gina Almonte, a former elementary school teacher and a mother of two, invented and patented a quick & easy way to hydrate babies on-the-go! She got her bachelor’s degree  at the University of Tampa and went on to be a teacher in Hillsborough County.  After giving birth to her second son, she took a leave from teaching and the idea of Refresh-a-Baby came about. Her product, Refresh-a-Baby turns ordinary water bottles and beverage bottles into baby bottles!

      How many times have you left the house with your diaper bag and left something behind?  I knew it all too well!  So, I discovered a quick and easy solution.  After realizing I left my son’s baby bottle at home while on an outing with my friends, I noticed I only came prepared with a water bottle and the baby bottle nipple with cap.  Knowing how much my son loved water, I wished I could have just put the baby bottle nipple on to the water bottle and fed his craving for a drink.   Instead, I was out of luck with a problem needing to be solved.   Frustrated with the situation, I had to think of a solution fast.

      Instantly, the idea of Refresh-a-Baby popped in my head how convenient it would be to be able to feed a baby directly from a water bottle.  After all, we use fresh bottled water to mix with formula to prepare a bottle, as well as give our babies fresh water to drink.  Why not eliminate a few unnecessary steps in the process. This one-of-a-kind product, called Refresh-a-Baby, is portable and user friendly as the nipple simply “pops” onto a water bottle using a push fit application and creating a suction spill-proof seal around the opening.  Perfect for busy moms and dads on the go!

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