Skinies Slimming Nursing Cami Undergarment



Convert your shirt! Skinies Nursing Cami converts any shirt into a breastfeeding garment while also producing a slimming effect. No slits, snaps, flaps or fuss!

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  • Skinies are made with specially designed breast openings that give you convenient and easy access for breastfeeding.
  • Stretches comfortably for nursing
  • Converts any shirt to a nursing garment
  • Holds its shape all day
  • Streamlined design with a touch of spandex offers tummy support
  • Keeps you comfy no matter what you are wearing
  • Embroidered flower petals around each opening
  • Wear under or over your nursing bra
  • You can continue to wear your Skinies even after you are no longer breastfeeding
  • US Patent number 7,712,152
  • Size





    33.5-34.5 in

    25.5-26.5 in

    36-37 in


    35.5-36.5 in

    27.5-28.5 in

    38-39 in


    38-39.5 in

    30-31.5 in

    40.5-42 in


    41-43 in

    33-35 in

    43.5-45.5 in


    My sixth baby’s energetic nursing sessions left me desperate to find something that would keep me from flashing the world whenever she was hungry. Plus, lifting up my shirt to breastfeed was just plain cold, not to mention the fact that my baby would grab and pinch my waist to get a good grip. Ouch!

    I tried many of the nursing camis out there and (dare I say) I just didn't like them. The ones with slits would lay funny and make an odd shape under my shirt every now and then. Not cute! The ones with flaps gave me yet another clasp to undo in addition to my nursing bra. I loved my nursing bra, so I was not looking for a cami with a bra built in and I've never been fond of the uni-boob look. I tried one cami that was not roomy enough for my gigantic lactating human bottles. I didn't wear it for nursing, but hubby liked it. I just wanted an undergarment that would convert my shirt into a nursing garment and possibly hold in that post-baby cushion until my abs of steel kicked back in. Then I could wear any tank or top I wanted over it and feel stunning in the process!

    My light bulb moment came while nursing my last baby. I remember thinking "if someone could cut the feet out of pantyhose, why can't I cut the breasts out of a shirt?" So I did. And Skinies was born! I worked with a designer for what seemed like forever until I had the perfect foundational garment for my nursing experience. The openings are now specially designed to stretch, yet hold their shape all day without binding the breast. I added a touch of spandex to high quality cotton fabric and fine embroidered flower petals making it perfectly beautiful and comfortable under anything. My sister-in-law (and my biggest cheerleader) loved hers so much she encouraged me to make them for other moms!

    So I thought I'd see if there was an interest. To my delight, the first manufacturer I sent it to made me an offer to buy. However, because I felt like Skinies was my seventh baby, I sent it to a second manufacturer. They said "it's adorable!" and agreed to make it for me. After a couple of years and a lot of hard work, Skinies is now available for all moms! I hope you are truly blessed in your breastfeeding and thank you for letting Skinies be a part of it!

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