The Tag*a*Long Handle to Keep Independent Kids Close

Tag a long

Raspberry (Red)
Grape (Purple)
Lime (Green)
Licorice (Black)
Bubblegum (Pink)

The Tag*a*Long Handle to Keep Independent Kids Close.

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The Tag*a*Long is a handle that you can attach to your stroller, shopping cart, or diaper bag providing an option for older siblings or those kids that do not want to sit in the stroller, keeping them close by your side.


    - Supports kids that need to be independent

    - Kids love their very own spot to claim

    - Kids feel like they are "helping" mom, dad, or caregiver by moving the stroller/shopping cart

    - Allows kids to interact with the world around them while staying close and safe

    - Great for walks, zoos, parks, amusement parks, museums, playgrounds, grocery stores, malls, etc.

    - Made in the USA


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