TummyTub Womb Shaped Bath Tub



TummyTub Womb Shaped Bath Tub




Babies naturally adopt the fetal position in TummyTub's unique womb shape and quickly calm and relax.

TummyTub is an amazing new concept in bathing babies. The benefits of which are endorsed by healthcare professionals worldwide. This easy to use, safe and relaxing bath is the tub, babies LOVE! The TummyTub is a unique womb-shaped and sized bath that is a gentle transition into baby's next nine months and turns bath time into a soothing ritual that enhances bonding.

- Allows baby to bathe in familiar fetal position which can ease the pain of colic and aid restful sleep

-Upright bathing keeps baby covered in warm water, while the small surface area keeps it warm longer

-Babies & parents will enjoy using the Tummy Tub for a long time- can be used up to 35 pounds, around age 3

- Helps babies and toddlers develop a love for water and relieves bath time fears

- Easy to transport and store - can be used in any room, including kitchen sink

- Fully recyclable and uses less water, energy, space

-Transparent material allows you to view your baby on all sides

- Designed & Produced in Holland where ecological and quality standards are high

- Super Safe-anti-skid ring on bottom prevents slipping, low center of gravity prevents tipping, has passed worldwide safety regulations

- Food grade polypropylene is completely BPA, lead, phthalate, PVC, latex, toxin free and safe for baby, fully recyclable

- Lightweight at only 21 ounces!

- Each tub comes with an informational booklet and DVD for parents!

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