Lil Rinser, Your Shampooing Solution

Lil Rinser

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 Lil Rinser, Your Shampooing Solution. Keeps Water and Soap out of Kids' Eyes.


  • Typically, small children get extremely upset in the tub or shower when shampoo, suds and water get into their eyes, ears and even into their mouth. Thus, it is no surprise that children fear hair washing and parents are less than thrilled at the chore.


    • Lil Rinser creates a watertight seal, whose soft rim contours gently to fit a child's head.
    • Press Lil Rinser gently against the child's forehead and above the ears to create the water tight seal.
    • Pour an unlimited amount of water onto the child's head while holding the Lil Rinser gently against the child's forehead.
    • The soft rim channels the water away from the face and over the head and hair.
    • A convenient and comfortable soft grip handle allows parents to hold the Lil Rinser in place.
    • Made of firm, yet flexible plastic.
    • Lil Rinser is one size fits all.

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